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Watch me try to eat raw garlic and cayenne pepper

Parasite cleanse Day 1. <- watch here

Parasite Cleanse Continued <- watch here next!

Today, one of my team members and I were watching YouTube videos of people doing colon hydrotherapy.

We both think we have parasites and are considering colon hydrotherapy to clean out the large intestine and maybe flush out those nasty bugs?

Recently we both completed a cleanse and then decided it might be a good time to clear out the lower half.

One of the YouTube videos was by a guy who had similar symptoms to both of us and then he suggested using garlic and cayenne pepper. So today I gave it a whirl.

Parasites and functional medicine aren’t my specialty, but I’m always willing to try some interesting home remedies.

Garlic and cayenne pepper are known for their health benefits.

Garlic has anti fungal, antioxidants properties, some consider it a great supplement to take for persons with cancer.

Cayenne pepper, lemon and apple cider vinegar – I started drinking every morning to replace my morning coffee.

Cayenne pepper has terrific health benefits -it’s stimulates the metabolism, accelerating fat loss.

Many cultures use garlic and cayenne pepper for parasites. As a culture we have thrown medicinal herbs to the wayside. We no longer use herbs as a part of daily life. They used to be in many of our dishes and people would frequently cook with herbs. Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to find a decent oregano in most people’s cupboard (a great herb for bacteria, viruses, fungi, and general cleansing).

For the next 3-4 days I’ll eat garlic and drink cayenne pepper and see what comes of it.

Stay tuned!

Comment below if you’ve done a cleanse or tried the garlic, cayenne pepper remedies.

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Why do I punish myself

I’m doing a cleanse this week. A throwback cleanse I did about 6 years ago. You drink a pea protein based meal replacement 3 times a day. You can add lemon/honey “lemonade” twice a day if you need to.

Once I get going on these cleanses, it’s only a matter of time before I start looking in a raw diet like FullyRaw Kristina

I just bought her app and made a banana/strawberry smoothie for breakfast.

Rewind 3 years ago and I was looking into the raw diet and started drinking datorade/ and making banana smoothies every day.

Then I kept eating the Indian food, Taco Bell bean burritos (they’re vegetarian, right?) and basically eating myself to death. I gained 30 lbs and felt awful.

Insert Ketogenic diet- complete and total opposite: all meat and cheese. Especially the way I did it, because I was lazy. I lost the 30 pounds I had gained and look better than I have in awhile.

Problem, I still have this urge to not eat meat and to eat a raw vegan lifestyle. I honestly think it is more congruent with who I am. Why can’t I commit to it ? Idk, social stress and pressure to eat cooked foods and partake in holiday festivities.

Round and round we go.


Scuba diving

Count me in! I’m terribly afraid of sharks, tight spaces and have a phobia of running out of air.

I also have a fear of heights but have been skydiving 3 times.

I used to love the show “Flipper” and all the adventures they had in the water. I considered marine biology because I thought being around the dolphins and fish would be awesome. I decided against it because I couldn’t get over the sharks.

Well approaching my 30th year, I fell in love and he loves to go scuba diving. So here I am, conquering my fears- relying on compressed air and joining the undersea world filled with wonder.

I can now say I’m PADI certified .


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Christmas time in the Village

it’s Christmas time in my favorite village!

We have the tree up, the garland hanging above the windows, the sweet sounds of Nat King Cole on the surround sound and our countdown clock ready to go.

16 days until Christmas!

I wrapped the garland with ribbon from Michaels and hung it above the windows.

I watched a nifty YouTube video about making bows and it only took me 2 tries to get it right. I made one and fastened it to my wreath I bought 3 years ago.

2018 has been a year of completion for me, I haven’t completed this many projects since I was 20. I have bought all of the necessary supplies and not followed through with the projects.

We used Thieves oil on the pine cones to achieve the fresh citrus, cinnamon smell.

I made another batch of apple butter.

Now to finish buying my love a few more small Christmas gifts and I’ll be all set.

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Dream Big!

Ok, so I think I am getting the hint, Dream Big!

~What you think about, you speak about, you bring about

~10X Everything in your life that you want more of

~Dream Big because God has Big plans for you

Basically, God is telling me to keep dreaming big, thinking big, speaking big, and He will help to bring about Big changes. Ok, ok, but man oh man if there wasn’t some 5’6″ brunette standing in my way, I could do it (that’s me).  I might be alone in this but I am always standing in my own way.  I know I should do X or if I’m listening to Grant Cardone, I should do X then 10X it or 100X it. Often times, I think about what I should be doing then come home tired, but on Netflix and stress about how I’m not doing what I should be doing because I’m tired so it’s okay if I binge watch a weird history show for the next 5 hours then go to bed late and wake up tired.  Actually writing down what I do some nights makes me want to get up and slap myself across the face.

We are only given one life and it’s up to us to live that life to the fullest. We don’t do everything perfectly and yes it has ups and downs but we have to keep pushing forward, because you only get one shot. You only get one opportunity to things right and wrong. You only have this one life for better or worse. Honestly, right now, I want to ask the inventor of Netflix why they had to do this to me!, not really, you’re awesome and I’m the one who needs to get a grip. I abused the gift of Netflix streaming and turned it into a vice (binge watching shows for 5 hours definitely qualifies as a vice).  So, from now on, I am going to STOP my binge watching and focus my energy into something positive, like writing.  No one may read my posts but if one person reads this and makes a positive change in their life, then well that my friends is called AMAZING! Sitting on my sofa was not changing the world, it was not adding anything positive to my life (besides adding to my waistline).

So here’s to making changes big or small, that are positive and life giving.


February 4

I work in healthcare and this verse really hits home. God wants His people and to be happy and healthy, I firmly believe my purpose here on earth is to help His people.

I must always remember that everyone He puts before me needs to be helped and if I can do so, I will. I can’t help everyone all of the time but it’s my purpose to do what is within my power.


January 31

This makes my day!

I remember growing up in my church, we had the best pianist/organist! She was absolutely amazing and played like heaven was coming through her fingertips. She always had a flare and could spice up even the most simple of hymns. One of the hymns I’d be singing for days on end was “today is the day” – I would love to record her playing this song and listen to it over and over. It always warms my heart and makes me giddy for the surprises that the Lord has in store for us.

Funny isn’t it? How a song about today being the day and rejoicing, reminds me of the wonderful pianist whose playing was something to rejoice in .

Today is the day, Let us rejoice!


January 29

The last week of verses have really given me hope and encouragement in a time when I need it most.

These past few months have been wrought with strife and struggle. Not all struggles are bad and can in fact teach us lessons that we need to learn immediately.

The quicker we learn, the faster we come through the hard times.

It is important to remember this when life seems like an uphill battle. It can be smooth like butter and other times feels like moving through molasses.

When we keep in mind that our hearts are to stay focused on God and working towards our purpose we can feel comfortable and safe in Him.


January 25

I am someone with high anxiety, last night I laid in bed not able to sleep because my thoughts were racing in every direction. Lately, I have had so much on my plate that I really don’t know which direction to go in or when to go. It’s been overwhelming and I am so lost. Sometimes things seem so clear and the path is wide open, other times I feel like I am pushing heavy sludge around and looking through a dense fog never getting anywhere. I know that I need to make changes, one being that I must reduce my stress.


January 24

Our love for our neighbors is in parallel to the Love we have for ourselves. While I think God intends for us to love our neighbors deeply, He also wants us to love ourselves. We are made in His image and perfect in His eyes. It is often the hardest concept to love thyself, and thus love thy neighbor but so increasingly important to keep in mind with our social media society. We have many people around us who do not truly love themselves and thus cannot truly love their neighbors. Seeking validation from others does not allow us to introspectively choose to accept the parts about ourselves we cannot change and love ourselves fully. In theory, everyone understands that we must show love and compassion for those around us but how often do we show the same to ourselves?

We must therefore, learn to have self acceptance and love before we can extend that kindness outwardly to those around us. Some of the best friends I have understand this concept. They do not speak ill in regards to their shortcomings or produce self deprecating images on a daily basis.

I encourage those who read this text and think “yes, I should love my neighbors more ” to first look inwardly and learn to love themselves.