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Why do I punish myself

I’m doing a cleanse this week. A throwback cleanse I did about 6 years ago. You drink a pea protein based meal replacement 3 times a day. You can add lemon/honey “lemonade” twice a day if you need to.

Once I get going on these cleanses, it’s only a matter of time before I start looking in a raw diet like FullyRaw Kristina

I just bought her app and made a banana/strawberry smoothie for breakfast.

Rewind 3 years ago and I was looking into the raw diet and started drinking datorade/ and making banana smoothies every day.

Then I kept eating the Indian food, Taco Bell bean burritos (they’re vegetarian, right?) and basically eating myself to death. I gained 30 lbs and felt awful.

Insert Ketogenic diet- complete and total opposite: all meat and cheese. Especially the way I did it, because I was lazy. I lost the 30 pounds I had gained and look better than I have in awhile.

Problem, I still have this urge to not eat meat and to eat a raw vegan lifestyle. I honestly think it is more congruent with who I am. Why can’t I commit to it ? Idk, social stress and pressure to eat cooked foods and partake in holiday festivities.

Round and round we go.

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