Update on the apple watch

My apple watch sold!

This was my first time selling on eBay and I would say, so far so good. I listed my watch for $150 and it sold for $250. I paid about $420 (including tax) and was wearing the watch maybe 4 days a week. Overall, it wasn’t a bad product, it just wasn’t for me.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I usually am pretty conscious about the purchases I make and intend to keep things for the long term. However, after giving more thought to the idea of de-cluttering and ridding myself of useless items, I decided this had to go. Now, it may seem like I took a loss on the watch and I guess in some way I did. But when I look in things in total, it was the right move for me.

I put the watch on eBay for a 3 day selling period and shipped it on Saturday morning. I even wrapped it up like a present, so that whoever gets might get some joy from unwrapping something ‘new’.

I had kept all of the original boxes and instructions, so hopefully that will help this person to use the item.

The money was deposited right away into my paypal, but since I am a first time seller, I will have to wait until February 8th to receive payment. I can see the money in my paypal account, but it is ‘on hold’. Hopefully, everything works out as it should and I will receive the funds and the buyer will be happy.

According to the usps tracking information, it should arrive today sometime.

Next item, a beach cruiser bike that an ex bought for me. It also has its own bike rack meant for a suv I no longer have. Where to sell that? Craigslist, perhaps?

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