Seltzer Water

My obsession with seltzer water began in 2002, nearly 16 years ago.  My aunts drink an obscene amount of the stuff and it was readily available when I was at their homes. They always had seltzer instead of any kind of soda and I was not a soda drinker anyways.  Growing up my mom preferred the fizzy taste of diet pepsi, while I was not allowed to have any kind of soda. When I started to learn about the dangers of substitute sugar, I kindly suggested my mom try seltzer instead. She was reluctant at first, but then developed some rather strange neurologic symptoms. Not entirely sure if it was related to her soda drinking habit, she decided that switching vices might not be a bad idea. Slowly, she made the transition fully and all of her problems abated. Hooked, she began to stock the house full of the stuff. This made it easy for me to become an instant addict as well.

Opening up the fridge and pulling out one of those happy little cans, became a daily ritual and now I can’t imagine not having my preferred water. Now I know that all brands are not made equal. I myself, prefer Waterloo, the taste is unparalleled. Second runner up is Polar, but that is hard to find in Michigan. My most convenient choice is La Croix, while not superb in taste, it is readily available at local grocers. Lastly, I will drink the generic variety, the most favorite of my wallet.

Sitting here tonight, I am truly perplexed at my love for seltzer water. What is it about this fizzing drink that has absolutely bewitched?

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