Ketogenic Diet

My ketogenic diet journey began in June 2017 at the advice of my friend and colleague. She knew I had recently been struggling with my weight and had talked about how I used to be in ‘better shape’. She kindly suggested that I try the ketogenic diet, what did I have to lose?

All of my life I had ranged from 125-135lbs, without much effort. I was a swimmer in grade/high school and in college, I kept a rigorous exercise routine. My parents are both marathoners and nutritionally conscious. I grew up on a diet rich with fruits, vegetables, lean meats and few grains. Needless to say, physical fitness/health was ingrained into my psyche. In college, I pursued a degree in kinesiology, believing that true wellness comes from within.

In 2015, I met my ex-fiance and by 2016  we were engaged and living together. We dined on a diet full of carbs, carbs and more carbs. I decided in 2016 to run a marathon, and thus embarked and a tireless journey of self improvement. I had this vision when I started, that by the end, I would lose my swimmer’s physique of broad shoulders and change into this running goddess. WRONG. I binged on carbs, thinking that I would need them to keep up my energy; unfortunately, the slow steady state cardio did not burn off the carbs at the rate I thought. By the time, fall 2016 approached I was up to 155lbs, feeling sluggish, and completely unhappy with the state of my health.

I was working long hours and filling myself up with all of the carbs I could find. This is when my very wise friend kindly suggested I try keto. She talked of this fabulous lifestyle where you can eat cheese, meat, coconut oil, and all of the delicious fats I could find, all I had to do was keep my carbs to a minimum. No problem! In 3 months time, I was back down to 130lbs and a very happy camper. I wish I could sympathize with people on a painful weightloss track, but I simply cannot.

It has been 7 months and I am proud to say that I have kept my carbs to a minimum and am reaping the rewards. Not to mention, the keto diet is endorsed by some big names in holistic health and has peer-reviewed research to back it’s efficacy.

While my story is not wrought with pain and heartache that pulls at the strings of your heart, I hope it inspires you to give keto a try.

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