Information Overload

Do you ever look at old family photos and think “geeze, they had it so easy?”

I look at my family’s photos from the 70’s and everyone looks so thin and happy. Then I look at my photos from the past 10 years and think “my God, that’s been a struggle”. Not to say I’m a pessimist about life. On the contrary, life is awesome!  What I have struggled with is the overwhelming amount of information on diet and exercise. Every 6 months there is a new way to exercise and a new diet to try. Weight lifting is good, but yoga is better! Get out and walk, no, now do High Intensity Interval Training…eat 6 smalls meals a day, But Wait! the research says you should fast for 16 hours a day and eat whatever you want in 8 hours.

STOP! It’s maddening.

Maybe I’m the only one who finds this assault of information overwhelming.  My Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with results from this program and that program.  I love seeing people getting results and feeling great. But sometimes at the end of the day, I think to myself, are we doing more harm than good?

Has our quest to be happy and thin, left us jumping ships to the point where we can’t remember where we started? Perhaps I’m over thinking this, but at the end of day, I honestly couldn’t tell you what to do for exercise or how to eat.

Like I said, I’m going to chronicle my journey of researching health topics and I hope it helps you.

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